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The Washington County Geographic Information System (GIS) accessible here contains the official mapping database used by all County government Offices, departments and agencies. It is maintained as a shared-use database by the County Department of Information Systems. The various mapping “layers” found within the system contain the official County Zoning Map and County Tax Map as required under Virginia law. In addition, various other layers within the system provide information concerning public and private streets, highways, railroads and trails, the approximate size and location of above ground structures and buildings, the type, size and location of underground public water and public sanitary sewer lines, corporate limits of the County’s towns and the City of Bristol, Virginia, and topographic data such as elevation contours and aquatic bodies (streams, creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes).

Disclaimer – Please review before using this database:

The information contained in the Washington Geographic Information System database is NOT to be construed or used as a "legal description". Map information is believed to be accurate but accuracy is not guaranteed. Any errors or omissions should be reported to the Washington County Department of Information Systems. In no event will County of Washington, Virginia, its elected or appointed officials or employees be liable for any damages, including loss of data, lost profits, business interruption, loss of business information or other pecuniary loss that might arise from the use of this mapping database or the information it contains.


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Should you encounter problems with the netGIS system, please contact the Washington County Department of Information Systems.