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  •  Beginning in 2010, Washington County Virginia will change its way of collecting Real Estate Taxes.  Collection of these taxes will occur twice a year. 1st half due May 20th and second half due Nov. 20th of each year.  Taxpayers will be mailed two tax bills at two different times in the year, one for the first half due and a second for the second half due.  There will be due dates for each half and each half should be paid by the indicated due date to avoid penalty and interest.



  • Land Use:
    The Land Use Program is a program adopted by county ordinance that offers people a discount on their real estate taxes if they have land used for agriculture or open space purposes. A minimum of 5 acres without a dwelling is required in order to qualify for the program. If you have a home on the property then you have to have a minimum of six acres to qualify.Once property is enrolled in the Land Use Program, it is no longer taxed at the fair market value. There are three main categories in the program: Tillable property that is taxed at $930.00 per acre, Pasture land taxed at $400.00 per acre, and Wood land taxed at $150.00 per acre. These values override the fair market assessments for taxable purposes.   For more information on the Land Use Program please contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s office at 276-676-6271 or 276-821-6029.

  • Direct Payment Program:
    Washington County offers a Direct Payment Program.  The Direct Payment Program allows you to make payments automatically each month. When you enroll in the program, the amount you choose will be deducted from your bank account each month and applied toward the taxes you specify. You can obtain an authorization form from the Treasurer's office or call and have one mailed to you.  This is a good way to make smaller monthly payments toward your taxes to avoid the big expense on each due date.

  • Elderly or Disabled Tax Relief:
    Elderly or Disabled residents of Washington County may be eligible for a partial real estate tax exemption if:
      1.  They are 65 years of age or older or permanently disabled and,
      2.  Meet financial criteria established by local ordinance.
      For further information, contact the Commissioner of Revenue at 276-676-6271 or


Real Estate Taxes are paid twice a year.  This designates which half of the bill is assessed.


Box includes important information such as your Ticket number, Mortgage code (if applicable), the current year tax rate, your Map number and your district code.


Due Date for taxes.  Late payments are subject to penalty and interest.


Contact Information for questions concerning the assessment.


Penalty and Interest Rate to be applied for late payments.


LAND: The property description, acreage and assessed value.


Buildings/Structures:  The assessed value of any building or improvements on the land.


Discounted value based on your Land Use eligibility and enrollment.  Land Use discounts can be lost if taxes go delinquent.


Net annual assessed value.  To calculate the assessed value: Land + Improvements - Land Use Discount (if applicable). In this example:  51,700 + 34,400 – 28,500 = 57,600


Annual assessed tax amount is based on the net annual assessed value.  To calculate the annual tax: Divide the net assessed value by 100.  Then multiply this value by your tax rate.  In this example:  57,600 / 100 = 576, then 576 * .56 = 322.56 (Annual tax amount).


Tax amount due for the half identified on this tax ticket. (see upper right hand box)


If you are enrolled in our Direct Payment Program or if we have received pre-payments on your taxes, this is the amount of credit that will apply to your taxes due.


If you are eligible for elderly or disabled tax relief, this is the discounted amount applied to your taxes due.  This discount is lost if taxes are not paid by the due date.


If any delinquent taxes are owed, this line will show the beginning and ending years for the delinquent years owed.  Please pay these delinquent taxes to avoid further penalties and interest.  Payments will be applied to oldest delinquent tax.


Due Date for this tax bill.  Penalty and Interest will be assessed if not paid by this date.


Total Tax due by due date.  Taxes owed less credits and discounts (if applicable).


Payment Coupon: Detach this portion and mail it with your check or money order.  This contains all the information the Treasurer’s office needs to process your payment: Tax Due Date, Ticket number, your Map number and the amount due for this ticket.


If payment is mailed, please indicate if you wish a receipt of your payment to be mailed to you.


To pay by credit card(2.5% fee) or e-check($3.00 fee).


Checks payable to Washington County Treasurer.