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How may I be placed on the Agenda of a Board of Supervisor’s meeting?

It depends on the nature of the matter that you wish to present to the Board of Supervisors. The general rule is that the matter must be both germane and actionable by the Board. “Germane” means that the matter is something that the Board as the governing body of the County has an official interest in. “Actionable” means that the Board can legally do something about the matter through official action as the governing body of the County. Not all matters that involve or effect Washington County, the County government or County residents in some way meet these general criteria. The County Administrator at his discretion may determine what matters meet these general criteria and place persons or organizations on the Agenda to present their issue to the Board. Likewise, individual Board members may place matters on the Agenda brought to their attention by resident-constituents of their Election Districts. Persons or organizations may also approach their Supervisor or the Chairman of the Board immediately prior to the start of a Board meeting and asked to be placed on the Agenda by way of Agenda amendment. The Board must approve Agenda amendments.

In many cases matters may be more readily addressable by County administrative personnel than by the Board of Supervisors. In other cases matters may be more effectively brought to the Board’s attention by way of correspondence to the Board, which may be directed by mail or fax to the Office of County Administrator. Generally speaking, expressions of opinions, comments, compliments or criticisms are best addressed to the Board by way of written correspondence. The Office of County Administrator will copy such correspondence to the Board.

The Board offers a Public Comment period at each meeting.  Individuals wishing to speak during Public Comment are asked to sign up to speak on the Public Comment list just inside the meeting room door.  Speakers are limited to five (5) minutes to offer their comments to the Board.

How may I apply to receive funding from the County for my project or organization?

Funding for projects or organizations must be provided for within the County Operating Budget. Preparation of the County Operating Budget for the July 1 - June 30 fiscal year begins in February when the County Department of Accounting solicits budget requests for the coming fiscal year period. Persons or organizations interested in soliciting County funds should make a written request to the County Department of Accounting for a Budget Request Form prior to December 31 each year. Persons or organizations considering making a first-time request for County funds should contact the County Department of Accounting or the County Administrator to discuss their funding needs before requesting a Budget Request Form.


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