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How do I find out what programs are offered by the Department of Recreation?
The Department of Recreation distributes a brochure quarterly through all schools in the county. Press releases are published in local newspapers and on local cable television to announce program offerings.

Is there a fee for participating in County sponsored programs and how much is that fee?
Fees vary depending on the program. All fees collected from program participants are deposited into the County General Fund. Fees for children's programs range from $6.00 to $25.00 per program. Fees for adult programs range from $10.00 to $50.00 per program.

Are there scholarships available for citizens unable to afford registration fees?
Yes. Please contact the Department of Recreation for details.

Is Washington County responsible for the administration of youth sports activities?
The only youth sport programs that are directly operated by the Department of Recreation are the recreational youth basketball program in the Glade Spring / Meadowview area and the youth volleyball program in the Abingdon/Glade Spring/Meadowview area. All areas in Washington County are served by volunteer organizations which provide quality youth sports activities. All baseball and softball programs are sanctioned through Little League Baseball, Inc. Other sports available depending on location include soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, cheerleading, and dance teams. Please feel free to call the Department for contact numbers for the youth sports group in your area.

Who is responsible for the operation and maintenance of recreational facilities in Washington County?
Recreational facilities are maintained by various groups within the County.

  • The Harry Coomes Recreational Center is operated by the Town of Abingdon. The contact number is (276) 623-5279.
  • The Virginia Creeper Trail is maintained by the Town of Abingdon. The Town of Damascus, volunteer organizations, and the National Forest Service.
  • Washington County Park is operated by the Washington County Park Authority. The contact numbers are (276) 676-6215 or (276) 628-9677.
  • Whitaker Hollow Park is maintained by the Washington County Recreation Department.
  • Sugar Hollow Park is operated and maintained by the City of Bristol, VA Parks and Recreation Department. The contact number is (276) 645-7275.
  • Other local parks and athletic fields are under the authority of the sponsoring town and/or athletic organization.

Does Washington County have a comprehensive plan for parks and recreation?
In 2000, Washington County entered into contract with Barge, Waggoner, Sumner, and Cannon of Knoxville, Tennessee for the completion of a recreational needs assessment study for the County. The study was completed in the fall of 2000. Washington County holds great potential for future development of a variety of recreational facilities, trails, and greenways.

What are the most utilized recreational locations in Washington County?
Based on survey results, the order of most popular recreational locations is as follows:

  • The Virginia Creeper Trail
    The Harry Coomes Recreational Center
    South Holston Lake
    Sugar Hollow Park

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