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How do I get an E-911 street address?
The first step to get a E-911 street address is to obtain a Building Permit from the County Department of Building Inspection. This permit is required to place a manufactured housing unit (mobile home) or construct a site-built structure. After you have your first inspection (or footer/electrical inspection if a manufactured home), contact this Department and request a E-9-1-1 street address.  Effective June 25, 2009 until further notice, please contact the County Department of Building Inspection at 276-525-1320 for your E-911 address.

What qualifies naming a road?
Any right-of-way with three or more residential or business structures is assigned a E-911 street name, regardless of whether it is a private or public street or road.

Why do I need an E-911 street address when I have a Post Office box?
You need a E-911 street address to apply for and receive telephone, public water/sewer and electrical service. When anyone dials "9-1-1", the street address where that call was made is instantly made available to dispatchers within Washington County's Emergency Communications Center. The street address where the call was made determines which law enforcement, fire or rescue unit is sent to your location when you request emergency assistance.

Where can I get a Washington County E-911 Street Map and how much does it cost?
County E-911 Street Maps are free and are available at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce (179 East Main Street, Abingdon, Virgina), at Washington County's Main and Branch libraries, or through the County Department of Emergency Management (205 Academy Drive, Abingdon, Virginia) while supplies last. County E-911 Street Maps are updated approximately every two years.

Can I call "9-1-1" from a pay telephone?
Yes, coin-operated telephones can be used to dial "9-1-1" for emergency assistance at no cost. These telephones are assigned a E-911 street address for emergency response purposes.

What fire department and rescue squad covers the area where I live?
Washington County has nine volunteer fire departments, of which two are fire and rescue combination, and four rescue squads located throughout the County. The department physically located the closest to your location will be the one to respond to an emergency in your area.

Does Washington County have public emergency shelters?
The County uses public schools and County-owned community centers for public emergency shelters, activated by the County Director of Emergency Management or County Emergency Management Coordinator. If you are asked to evacuate your home for safety reasons you will be advised where to report for emergency shelter if needed.

What areas of Washington County are subject to flooding?
Flash flooding can occur anywhere but the most flood prone areas in Washington County are the Damascus and Mendota communities.

How do I report a missing road sign?
Road sign installation and replacement is a responsibility of the Emergency Management Department. Effective June 25, 2009 until further notice, please call the Office of County Administrator at (276) 525-1300 to report a down or missing road sign.

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